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False Alarms
Verified Response Ordinance
Burien’s Verified Response Ordinance went into effect in October 2004. Although the ordinance is not unique nationwide, Burien was the first municipality in Washington State to codify this type of False Alarm Ordinance.

Currently, three other jurisdictions in Washington also have Verified Response either as an ordinance or as a police department policy. These include the City of Bellingham, City of Yakima and Thurston County. A number of other municipalities in WA State have inquired about how to institute Verified Response in their jurisdictions as well.

Under Burien's Verified Response and Subsidy Recovery Ordinance, Police will only respond to mechanical alarms:
  1. Upon Verification by a 3rd Party,
  2. That a Crime or Emergency Requires Police Response,
  3. Has or is Occuring at the Alarm Location.

Police respond to personally-activated panic, duress, and robbery alarms.

For more information on the City of Burien False Alarm Response Ordinance, contact the False Alarm Coordinator at (206) 477-2253.

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