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Burien Branding Initiative
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COMING SOON: graphics, colors, and messaging.

The City is currently reviewing draft graphics, colors, and messaging proposed by our branding consultant. A public rollout is expected mid-July to early August. Stay tuned!

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The City of Burien will utilize branding as a tool to support economic development in six ways:

1.       Differentiate from our competitor cities 

2.       Communicate our vision and values

3.       Retain existing and recruit new businesses

4.       Drive sales and other tax revenue

5.       Guide strategic marketing efforts

6.       Build awareness and enhance community pride

Branding is a Key Priority of the Burien City Council.

At its January 2015 Retreat, the Council identified branding as a top priority for City action this year. The need for a strong, professional brand for Burien came through rounds of input from the business community as well as residents during the Economic Development Dialogue.


Why does Burien need a brand or re-brand?


Burien already has a brand – one that is increasingly defined by outsiders who fail to capture our community spirit, attractive location, and unique flavors of our diverse residents and businesses. It is time to own our brand and use it to share the strengths of our community, the ingenuity here, and the opportunities to come. It will help us to market ourselves, attract a hotel, and differentiate us from our competitors.


The Burien Branding Initiative draws from its own source of funds.

In 2014, the business community supported a Business & Operations (B&O tax) increase targeted at funding local economic development. The increase was implemented in 2015, and the City Council directed the revenue to be spent on economic development programs. This initiative is one of several to be funded from this revenue.


The Burien Branding Initiative augments other City services.

Branding is one of many City Council priorities. It isn’t more or less important than public safety, human services, or building and maintaining the infrastructure that connects us all. We need each of those things. The City also needs a strong economy driving sales and other tax revenues in order to provide those services, and that’s where branding comes in. As our economy grows, so too grows City revenue and improved services.


JayRay provides a unique local perspective alongside a research-driven, comprehensive suite of services.


Fifteen applicants responded to the City’s branding RFP this summer, representing firms from Seattle to Ohio. JayRay emerged as the top choice due to its comprehensive approach to branding, its research-driven process, and its public sector experience. In addition, JayRay offered an attractive budget with its base contract at $93,000 and the flexibility to add on services as we need them. Jayray will use previous research done by the City alongside conducting new research – research we haven’t had the resources to tackle before. Finally, as an added benefit, we like that leaders at JayRay hail from and/or have lived in the Burien/Des Moines area for significant portions of their lives.

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