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How Does It Work?
Police continue to respond to manually activated panic and robbery alarms without verification requirements. The verification requirement for the ordinance applies to mechanically activated alarms such as motion sensors and door sensors. These types of alarms result in approximately a 98% false alarm rate.

  1. When an alarm center receives an alarm at a residence or business, the alarm company must send someone to the alarm site to verify if a crime, attempted crime or emergency exists that requires police response. The alarm center can call the owner, a designated agent or private security to check on the alarm signal.
  2. If a crime has occurred, or an emergency exists, the person calls 9-1-1. If no crime or emergency exists, the police are not called.


Implementation of Verified Response in Burien has resulted in a significant reduction in police calls for service, allowing the police to focus on more serious crimes and emergency response type duties. Because alarm companies control alarm call requests, all associated false alarm fees are charged to the alarm companies. Non-monitored alarm fees are charged to the property owner.

Verified Response enables quicker and more efficient response at a lower cost when sending private contract security guards. Police establish emergency type calls as priority one calls, significantly increasing response times to more routine type calls such as mechanical alarms. However, private contract guards are able to prioritize response to alarms as a priority one type call, enabling them to respond much quicker. They are also able to provide the same type of service at a significantly reduced cost to the alarm user.

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