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Project Information:
Low Impact Development Code Update Project

Car Washing

Washing vehicles at your residence can have very negative effects to our surface water quality if not done with care. Tips and facts about car washing are provided here for your information. Car wash kits are also available for charity car wash or residential use.
Car Washing

Natural Yard Care

There are a variety of methods of caring for your yard and lawn that won’t cause environmental damage to our lakes and streams. Read the information on the following page to learn more.
Natural Yard Care

Rain Barrels
Divert your gutter downspouts into a rain barrel. Rainwater is one of the cleanest and cheapest sources of water.
Use it to water your landscape or garden. To create your own Rain Barrel, follow our easy to use guide below.
Rain Barrel Instructions

Prohibited and Allowed Discharge into Surface and Stormwater Systems 
Burien Municipal Code prohibits certain products from being dumped or released into the City’s stormwater system. To protect our environment and water quality, the following information is provided.
Prohibited Discharge Info

Spills and Illegal Dumping into the City's Stormwater System
For instructions on reporting spills or other illegal dumping into Burien's stormwater system, please go to the following page.
Spill Reporting

Current Stormwater Maps
Our Stormwater Maps are now available online. Please visit our IS/GIS Map Collection for access to the maps and to view a sample.  You can download the full 160Mb Mapbook or request specific pages using our online form.
Stormwater Maps

Development - Surface and Stormwater
If you are planning on developing in Burien, protect yourself and your downstream neighbors by following Burien stormwater development regulations.
Development - Surface and Stormwater


Learn about the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System and the Stormwater Management Program.

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