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Land Use Application Review Steps
The following is a general summary of the steps required for review and processing of a land use-related application. The exact steps may differ depending on the type of application that is filed. In most cases the City has 120 days to issue a decision on your application, beginning on the day the application is complete.
  • Pre-Application Meeting - A pre-application meeting with the Project Review Team is required with all Land Use Reviews, short plats, subdivisions, and shoreline permits.  To set up a pre-application meeting please submit a Pre-Application Meeting Request.  Please be sure to provide all required information.
  • Application Submittal Appointment - Call the planner who handled the pre-application meeting to set up an application submittal appointment.
  • Determination of Completeness - Within 28 days of submittal, applications will be reviewed for completeness and the public notice process will begin.  A letter will be sent if additional information is needed.
  • Notice of Application - Staff will prepare a public notice of your application that is published in the newspaper, mailed to property owners within 500 ft of the property, and posted on the property. Owners are responsible for purchasing and erecting the notice board for 21 days.
  • Staff Review - Applications will be reviewed by the Project Review Team, and any technical requirements will be provided.  The planner assigned to the project prepares a written advisory report analyzing the application, applicable regulations, and Comprehensive Plan policies.
  • Decision - Varies depending on type of review
    • Type One Review and Short Plat - The Community Development Director reviews the staff recommendation and issues a decision.
    • Type Two Review - The Hearing Examiner reviews the staff recommendation, holds a public hearing and issues a decision.
    • Type Three Review and Subdivision - The Hearing Examiner reviews the staff recommendation, holds a public hearing and issues a written recommendation on the application.  City Council reviews the recommendation and makes the final decision.
  • Appeal - Individuals have either 14 or 21 days to appeal a decision, based on the type of application.

Project Review Team
The Project Review Team consists of staff from the city departments of Community Development (Planning and Building) and Public Works, along with staff from the appropriate water, sewer, and fire districts.  The purpose of the pre-application meeting is to provide the applicant with a preliminary list of issues, code requirements, and application requirements.

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