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How To Speed Up Your Review Process

Review Times
Review times are generally dependent on the complexity of the project, the amount and content of public comment, and staff, Hearing Examiner and City Council workload. We pledge to review your application as quickly as possible, given all of these constraints. There are a few things that you can do that will speed up review of your application:

Provide Good Quality, Accurate Information
The single largest reason for delay is lack of quality, accurate information. The cheapest survey, engineering plan or soils report isn't always the best. We have samples of reports and plans that are good examples to follow for format, level of detail and content.

Read & Understand the Regulations & Policies
We've found that an informed applicant usually does a better job of answering the review criteria, submitting good information and addressing neighbors' concerns. It helps if you can specifically address the relevant Code sections applicable to your project. This makes our review easier, and faster.

Meet With Your Neighbors Before Finalizing Your Plans
Many times, neighbors oppose a project simply because they didn't know about it until they saw the public notice board. They feel that the applicant is trying to sneak something by them. An informal neighborhood meeting, or individual meetings can be very helpful in diffusing opposition to your project. If done before you apply, these meetings can also allow you to make design changes so that the neighbors will be supportive of your project.

These are just a few suggestions to help you prepare and file an application that will be easy for us to review, and speed up the decision on your application.

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