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Code Enforcement

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1. How can I report a code violation?
2. How can I find out exactly where my property lines are located?
3. My neighbor has a tree/hedge that hangs over onto my property, causing me continuous clean-up. What can I do?
4. Who is responsible for maintaining vegetation growth in the alleys and along sidewalks in the City?
5. A neighbor in my area has several vehicles and I believe many of them do not run. Is there a limit to the number of vehicles allowed in a residential zone?
6. Who do I call to report a vehicle that has been parked on a public street in the same place and has not been driven for several weeks?
7. Is garbage collection in the City mandatory or optional?
8. Can I raise chickens within City limits and if so how many am I allowed to keep?
9. What do I do if I want to report a code compliance violation which occurs during the weekend or after the City has closed for the day?
10. If I want to report a violation but do not want my name to be known to the violator, can I remain anonymous?
11. I am starting to see rats in my neighborhood. What can I do?
12. How do I know who to report a violation to; Police, Public Works or Code Enforcement?
13. Who should I call to report illegal dumping along the streets of the City?
14. Is there a Building and Property Maintenance Code in Burien?

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