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Lakeview Park

SW 160th St. and 6th Avenue SW
2.8 acres


The following history is an abridged text. For more information, view the full document.

The northwest section of Five Corners was homesteaded by Mr. James Carter, who maintained a peach orchard on the side hill, raised sheep, and had sheep sheds near the site of Lakeview Elementary School, SW 158th and 6th SW. Many fruit trees remained on the property for decades. Carter sold his land to Don McGuire, who in turn sold to Charles Schoening--for $100 an acre for the 160 acres. Nearby 10th Ave. SW was first known as Schoening Ave, before the county replatted the streets.

Fred and Bill Dashley and Charles Schoening struck it rich together mining for gold in Alaska. When they returned to Seattle, they wanted to invest their good fortune. One day while hunting, Shoening found a beautiful lake. He and the Dashley brothers soon returned and bought up the land around the lake from the Von Boorian family. At this time it was called Lake Burien after the Von Burians.

Bill, Fred, and Charles each subdivided and developed their portion. Fred owned most of Old Burien and part of the northeast portion of the lake and land extending north and east from the lake. In 1912, he built one of the first houses on the lake at 1235 SW 152nd, where it still stood in 1994. Schoening owned east and some south portions of the lake. He built a hunting lodge and raised sheep, cows, and pigs, which he sold wholesale at his meat market at Second Ave. and James St, the present site of the Smith Tower. The well preserved hunting lodge - to which Schoening allegedly kept a brown bear chained - was at 11th SW and SW 154th.

Continue on to learn about the Lakeview School that was built in the area.

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