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Current Use
Former home of The Burien Arts Gallery
The Burien Arts Gallery had at one time been located in the blue house in Dottie Harper Park. It was a gathering point for the arts of the greater Burien area. In addition to the annual Arts Festival, the Gallery promoted dance, painting, sculpting, ceramics, weaving, ballet, creative activities for children, acting, singing, youth and adult symphony, literary arts, book reviews, poetry, flower arranging, local history, exhibits, and nature.

The all-volunteer non-profit organization known as the Burien Arts Association had used the Gallery to primarily display and sell the works of local artists. The basement of the main building and the adjoining building (formerly a garage) were used as classrooms and workshops. The annual Strawberry Festival started as one of their small fundraisers and grew over the years to attract thousands of visitors, providing entertainment, refreshments, and interaction with local artists and vendors.

After 35 years, the Burien Arts Gallery relocated to downtown Burien and is now at 826 SW 152nd Street. For more about the Gallery and the Burien Arts Association, visit their website.

The blue house is now managed by the Burien Parks Department and made available to small nonprofit groups for meeting rentals. For more information about this facility, visit its webpage.

Status of the Park
On March 10, 1994 the deed for Burien Park, as it was known, was given to the city of Burien by King County. In 1995 the Burien City Council, recognizing Dottie Harper as “a guiding light in promoting parks, arts, recreation, and cultural programs,” passed an ordinance officially designating the 4.5-acre parcel as Dottie Harper Park.

Burien Park was officially renamed Dottie Harper Park in a ceremony on July 1, 1995 at the Burien Arts Gallery.

The park, within walking distance of hundreds of apartments and single-family homes, provides a place for interpreting the ecosystems in an urban forest, and for strolling, picnicking, and wildlife viewing. The December 15, 2006 windstorm inflicted some damage to the park, uprooting trees, leaving others dangerously leaning and damaging park fixtures.

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