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Street Maintenance
Pavement Management
The Public Works Department implemented a computerized Pavement Management System in 2001. As part of the implementation, all 98 miles of the City's streets were rated based on their overall conditions, including number of potholes, patches, and cracks. The system is used to assist in the prioritization and selection of streets for the annual asphalt overlay program.

Sign Maintenance
The department maintains approximately 3,300 signs within the public right of way.

Street Beautification
The department manages several programs to enhance the appearance of the City's streets and other public properties. A graffiti removal contract was initiated in 2001, as was a program to add new trash cans at several Metro bus stops. In addition, the department responds to complaints of garbage and debris dumping throughout the City. Contact our Program Manager at (206) 439-3163 to report any locations in need of attention.

Street Maintenance
In addition to the annual overlay program, the department also conducts routine pothole patching, shoulder repair, and crack sealing to maximize the useful life of the City's streets. Street sweeping is conducted on a routine basis throughout the City.

Striping and Pavement Markings
Repainting the yellow and white lane stripes is required as often as twice per year for some of the City's busiest streets. Crosswalks, arrows, and stop bars are also monitored and repaired at routine intervals.

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