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Lot Line Process
The following is a summary of the steps required for review and processing of a lot line adjustment application. The amount of time to issue a preliminary lot line adjustment decision is based on the quality of the information submitted, and City staff workload.
  • Meet With a Planner: We strongly recommend meeting with a Planner before having the lot line adjustment survey prepared. The Planner will help identify issues that may need to be considered as you complete your application. Call (206) 241-4647 to set an appointment with a Planner.
  • Call for Application Submittal Appointment: Call the Planner who handled your pre-application meeting to setup an application submittal appointment. Generally, this can occur within a day or two.
  • Staff Review: Your application will be reviewed by a Planner for compliance with the Subdivision Code, Zoning Code, and State law.
  • Preliminary Decision: The Planner issues a preliminary decision to approve, deny, or return the application for modifications. Once approved, the Planner will notify the applicant to prepare the final recording documents and obtain all required notarized signatures. As soon as you have prepared the documents you can submit for final review.
  • Final Review: Within 12 months of preliminary lot line adjustment approval, you must file the original and four paper copies of the final recording documents with the City, incorporating any changes required as part of the preliminary decision. The final recording documents are reviewed and signed by the appropriate City officials.
  • Recording: Once approved by the City, a lot line adjustment does not become effective until it is recorded with King County. The original and three paper copies of the final recording documents are returned to the applicant for recording with King County. The lot line adjustment is first submitted to King County Department of Assessments, Abstract Department for approval. The applicant is then called to bring the approved documents to the King County Department of Records for recording. The applicant must return a copy of the recorded documents containing the recording number to the City of Burien Department of Community Development.The recording of a lot line adjustment does not constitute a transfer of title. Separate deeds to this effect must be recorded with the Assessor's Office and are not subject to these provisions.
  • Expiration: Preliminary approval shall expire if the authorized deeds transferring property ownership, together with a copy of the approved lot line adjustment is not recorded within one year of adjustment approval.

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